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- AINU - worldmusic

- A N D - N O W -
- T H E - B E S T - S O U N D - Q U A L I T Y - O N - T H E - P L A N E T !!!

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- AINU - is a multiinstrumentalist , a leading artist in the domain of ethnic-world beat music in Poland with an artistic output consisting of 11 albums + 3 singles , 15 art videoclips, over 1500 concerts in Poland & other European countries & a self-made multimedia websites. Przemysław Goc He started off in the blues scene, but as a sound engineer in the Poznan radio station he got so many musical impulses that he started with the realization of electronic suites and etudes. In 1988 Goc presented his first compositions "anatomy of sin" which is a good example of his musically fresh contribution to the electronic music scene in Poland. Since 1997 he has experimented with music from all over the world, combining electronic synthesizers and rhythm samplers with sounds of nature and ethnic instruments like: flutes, pan-pipe, quena and vocalizations, creating an unusual atmosphere. Also during his concerts full of colorful lights, smokes and unique sounds.
He has summary over 1500 concerts experience in Poland and 17 European countries for different audience also for handicapped people. His art output contains 11 CD albums + 3 singles with 1 multimedia CD with music compositions , 8 art videoclips montageand flash presentation made by the artist by himself. The videoclip "Tisbia'" was nominated on Yach Film Festival" Gdynia 2002 in "new energy" category.
The year 2000 was a turn in his art creation, He changed his art name from " titilo " (meaning " little way " in Kechoa Indian language) for AINU (meaning the first man in the world history who has made pictures in caves). AINU is not only a new original art image but it is also
(- AINU -) was born in 1967. a new media image connected with videoclips.
cast in bronze in an eagle shape or metal pan-flutes in AINU' tune. His passion is also photography. He took part in many exhibitions ;
granted in 1997 in Poznan for "Faces". He also took photos to his videoclips by himself.
- AINU - is the only Polish artist who acts as an individual.
He makes all by himself: recording, manufacturing and distribution of CDs (up till 10.000 CDs edition) , designing his advertising materials, CD covers, making multimedia presentations and videoclips. - AINU - doesn't cooperate with any of media concerns like : Sony or BMG group ; - AINU - is an independent artist.

- AINU - Amorangi - The Last Warriors


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